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Family Support Advocacy


This service provides broad-based, comprehensive support for individuals and families experiencing a variety of issues/challenges.

Family support and advocacy services offered through Kikino Métis Children & Family Services Society can include (but are not limited to):

  • Court support, attend/support with mediation, court applications, Legal Aid applications, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits
  • Document certification
  • Support/assistance in communications with: MCFD, Lawyers, Social Assistance, FMEP, Bands, Health Authorities
  • Direct advocacy
  • Referrals for counsellors, day-treatment, subsidized housing, rental assistance program etc.

Family support advocacy is available on continuous basis. Those accessing family support and advocacy services will be assessed for suitability for entrance into core programs. Our Family Support Worker will conduct needs-based assessments and develop collaborative plans to address needs/issues.


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Did You Know?

Family support advocacy is available on continuous basis!